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The future of performance nutrition.

A performance-enhancing nutrition system, built around the athletes' needs.

Together with a large team of researchers, scientists and professional athletes, we developed a performance-enhancing sports nutrition ecosystem. Our goal: help athletes perform at their best by creating an all-in-three solution that aligns with your performance cycle: before, during, and after.

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Three products. One for each phase of your performance cycle.

01 Before enhances muscle endurance and strength, and lengthens time to exhaustion (TTE).

02 During provides 45 grams of fast-absorbing fuel per serving and minimises any risk of GI issues.

03 After promotes the recovery of muscle and connective tissue and glycogen stores, and replenishes all essential micronutrients.


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A clear-cut guide to performance.

At the heart of the Victus Ecosystem lies a comprehensive fuel guide that aims to optimise every phase of an athlete's performance cycle — before, during, and after. The Victus Ecosystem is not just about individual products or services; it's about how these products and services interact and synergise to help athletes reach their full potential.

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02 During: Gel - Explained and compared

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2 x 01 Before
3 x 02 During: Drink mix
1 x 02 During: Gel
3 x 03 After

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