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Intro box
Experience first hand why hundreds of elite athletes use our products. Not convinced? Money back. No questions asked. 

Our Intro box contains:

  • 3 Energy Water
  • 3 Nutrition Water
  • 1 Victus water bottle
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Mixed box
€38 or €33
Go for our Mixed Box if you work out less regularly but still want to enjoy all our products when you do. 

Mixed box contains:

  • 9 Energy Water
  • 9 Nutrition Water
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Energy Water
€44 or €39
Kick-start your training fully energized and focused, and combat intra-activity exhaustion with Energy Water, a perfectly balanced, easy-to-drink and refreshing water-based pre-activity supplement.

Contains 20 Energy Water.
Endurance water
€47 or €42
Prevent dehydration and energy loss during your training or game with Endurance Water, using a carefully balanced mix of mono-, di- and polysaccharides carbohydrates and salts. 

Contains 20 Endurance Water
Nutrition water
€52 or €47
Improve full-body recovery & combat post-training fatigue with Nutrition Water, a perfectly balanced complex formula, easy-to-drink & refreshing water-based post-activity supplement.

Contains 20 servings Nutrition Water.


Power pack
€86 €89
Our Power pack contains both Energy Water and Nutrition Water and is meant for HIIT and power-building warriors. 

1 box Energy Water
1 box Nutrition Water


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