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High-performers who nourish themselves well, perform better.

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We keep your sport supplements simple and simply the best, backed by modern science.

Together with the University of Wageningen and her (MSc) master students, we created 3 all-inclusive and complementary sports supplements for each phase of your training or workout

Let’s break the status quo,
so you can do the very same

All-inclusive, complementary & water-based

Backed by modern science, in close collaboration with the University of Wageningen.

Customizable subscription plan or single-time delivery. Your choice.

Here for the modern-day warriors. For the ones who keep showing up

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Stories from and for true warriors and more in-depth information about our products, their ingredients and their function. Get inspired and informed.

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Background stories.

Nourish your
inner warrior

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Intro box contains:

3 x Energy Water
3 x Nutrition Water
1 x Victus water bottle

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