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Nike and Victus teamed up at JDI Day

Nourish your inner warrior

Icon of calendar 24/02/2022

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All sports
Nike, Inc. is an American concern and manufacturer of athletic shoes, sportswear, sports equipment and accessories.
Eugene, Oregon, United States


Collaboration with Nike achieved.


The Nike Just Do It day is an internal event organized by Nike.

A kind of olympics day where attendants perform different activities and sports throughout the day. On September 5, it was held at Nike's headquarters in Hilversum, Netherlands. And what a day it was!
Some of the ‘olympic’ events organized where Panna Football, Running 5K & Relay, Tennis, Table Football, Table Tennis, Basketball, Tchoukball (we did’t knew this one either), Dodgeball and Urban Golf.

Nike's European headquarters in Hilversum, a real Nike home

With Nike’s European headquarters situated in Hilversum (The Netherlands), a host of an international variety provided the warmest welcome with our first step onto the property. We felt like entering one of Nike’s homes, where the vigour and vibrancy of a few thousand people, and many cultures, qualities and backgrounds came through right away. We are excited to share this passion with Nike. In which, such a multi-faceted community sets an example of commemorating every person and their passions. Our heart goes out to every warrior — playing any sport — and working on any step to improve their game.

Victus and Nike, both warriors and huge sport fanatics

The day started with a briefing by Nike’s organisational staff to schedule the activities for the morning and afternoon. We were assigned to four locations for the setup of Victus’ stands at the event. By playing sports all day, Nike’s staff passed by the Victus stations to receive our products, time and attention to refuel. From basketball, to tennis, squash, volleybal, gymnastics and team building games, the atmosphere was electric and excited throughout the entire day.

Supplements from Victus, also a good match

An overal interest in the product and Victus’ message brought forward many conversations and exchanges. Nike’s staff loved the inclusive nutritional qualities of the product, especially when Nike’s general director came by to dissolve his curiosity in a conversation and a drink.

We are most grateful to have been a part of such an integral event at Nike, and we look forward to many more!



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