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Warrior: Kas Haverkort

Dutch Formula regional by Alpine driver & F4 Champion

Icon of calendar 26/03/2022


Formula Racing
Formula regional by Alpine
Fecha de nacimiento


Formula 4 champion


Kas was three and a half years old when he started training in the kart every Wednesday and Saturday. The speed of the kart is what has stayed with Kas all this time. A big smile appeared on his face when he was allowed to go back to the go-kart track. His father Peter saw it immediately: "This is his great passion!"

His drive earned him a place at the KNAF. Kas was soon included in the KNAF Talent First program under the leadership of KNAF national coach Giedo van der Garde. This made Kas an official member of TeamNL. Thanks to his official talent status with the national association, Kas could also count on the support of the Dutch sports umbrella NOC * NSF.

Kas has now reached the point of making the switch to motorsport. He has opted for the Spanish Formula 4 Championship. This championship has been the first step for several drivers to the top in motorsport. Kas competes in this class for MP Motorsport, the Dutch team that has already achieved many successes in the various Formula 4 championships. For Kas this has been a great step towards his ultimate goal: Formula 1.

Who or what inspired you to become an athlete? Why?

Well, i was three years old when i began, so my dad brought me to the track and after that i fell in love with racing.

When did you first realize that you were talented and wanted to be an athlete? What made you choose to pursue that talent?

When I was around ten years old when i began with karting around the whole world. I got quite a lot of good results in karting at that time so after that we began to think about going to formula cars.

What sports performance are you most proud of? Why?

When i became a Formula 4 champion, because it was a really strong drivers field and i dominated the whole year.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?
Well in racing finding budget is always really hard, so i have to work really hard every day to be able to drive again every year so without giving up and working really hard i am where i am now.

Which sports person is a true warrior to you? And why's that?

For me thats Sebastian Vettel, when i was a small kid he was dominating in the F1 and after that i just really like him, i also like that he is really straight forward, he tells what he thinks and has always stayed normal no matter how much money he has on the bank.

What do you think is the key to becoming a successful athlete?

The most important thing is to always work hard for it, do everything what you have in your power to succeed.

What was the best advice you were ever given in your sports career? Why? Can you describe to us your current training schedule? What do you do in your training that you think is key to your success? Why?

Well in my training schedule i always have quite high reps with all my exercises, because we have to be able to do everything for 30 minutes and not how much we can lift 1 time.

What are your favorite exercises and best training tips? Why? or: What exercises do you recommend to people who are striving to become where you are now? Why?

Well i always love to train my chest and also my neck, my neck is really important to train of course because of all the G force we get on our neck.

What kind of diet do you prefer & do you always eat healthy food? How important is this to you as an athlete? Do you use supplements? Why?

Yes i try to be as healthy als possible, of course in the weekends i can eat some unhealthy food because i also want to be able to eat what i want, but i try to be as healthy as possible.

Beside the products of Victus, obviously, i don’t use a lot of supplements, i do use a protein shake or bar, because to always get it out of food is kind of hard so with a protein shake or bar i can get my proteins quite fast, and i sometimes use some pre workout when i train at night when i am tired, it helps me just to push out that last bit.

What sacrifices you made did you think were the hardest to make in your career in sports? How do did you stay motivated?

Well i don’t have the feeling that i am making a sacrifice, i just love what i do so i don’t have the feeling i am making sacrifices, and i also don’t have problems to stay motivated, who doesn’t love traveling around the world and driving in formula cars ;)

If you could choose another sport to be great at, what would it be? Why?

Well I love sports with an engine so i would like to try a motorbike.

Do you have a favorite workout song/playlist or mantra? And is that playlist public?

I don’t really have 1 single song what i like, i just like to listen to some techno/ house to hype me a bit up!

What are your goals for the coming year? Any other interesting future plans that we should know?

The goal is to win the championship this year, it’s looking really promising so we are pushing the limits to make that happen.

Where do you picture yourself in 15 years, and what have you accomplished by then? Choose your words wisely, because we’ll hold you to it. 

The plan is to be in the Formula 1 at that time and be a world champion, that's the goal for me and we are pushing really hard to make that happen!



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