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03 After

03 After, the most complete and comprehensive recovery drink, containing 34 different nutrients that all play a crucial role in full-body recovery. 

It contains a perfectly balanced blend of both macro and micro-nutrients, and each plays an essential role in the recovery process. Unlike other solutions, and because of its complex amino-acid profile, 03 After ensures full body recovery, focusing on muscle recovery as well as the recovery of tendons, ligaments, joints, blood sugar and glycogen levels, and more.

03 After is a refreshing recovery drink that does not contain lactose or other allergens and is safe to use for professional athletes (NZVT-tested).

Mix with water and use within 30 minutes after every training or after a race/match.

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Post-activity drink mix

  • Improving both muscle recovery and recovery of tendons, joints and ligaments.
  • Complexly weighed set of ingredients, improving full body recovery and restoring glycogen levels.
  • Easy-to-drink & digest water-based formula without fat, lactose or other allergens.

Proteins 21.37 g

Post-activity, the body needs protein in order to recover and rebuild itself. Collagen peptides are a kind of protein in which the amino acids; Glycine, Lysine & Proline occur in high values. 03 After contains 21.37 grams of protein with extra BCAA and L-Leucine. Therefore, the proteins we use in 03 After promote muscle growth and stimulate (fat-free) muscle mass.

Collagen is one of the most important and most common building blocks for your bones, muscles, tendons and connective tissue in your body. The collagen peptides in 03 After are very similar to the body's own collagen. In addition, the added vitamin C contributes to the maintenance of healthy cartilage and strong bones.

Collagen peptides have another unique quality: the protein strands that make up collagen have already been taken apart and separated into directly absorbable amino acids. This way, they can be directly absorbed by the cell without the intervention of digestion. The resilience and thus the absorbability of the collagen peptides is therefore high."

Carbohydrates 10 g

Carbohydrates, including sugars such as glucose, are an important source of energy for the body. In fact, during intensive strength and endurance sports, stored carbohydrates in the muscles -also called muscle glycogen- are the main source of energy for the muscles. After intensive training, the glycogen stores in the body are largely depleted. Research has shown that a non-optimal amount of glycogen in the muscles decreases performance during training. In order to be able to perform optimally during your next training, it is crucial to replenish the glycogen stores in the muscles in time after a heavy training. The most efficient way to do this is right after exercise, as this is when the body makes the most of dietary carbohydrates to replenish the body’s glycogen stores.

In addition, carbohydrates contribute to the recovery of normal muscle function after an intensive and/or prolonged exercise that leads to muscle fatigue and depletion of the glycogen stores in muscles.*

Total L-Leucine 3.196 mg

L-Leucine, one of the nine Essential Amino Acids (EAAs), holds a unique position in the realm of amino acid metabolism. It is not just a building block for proteins but also a critical regulator of various physiological processes.

03 After provides 3.196 mg of L-Leucine. Here's a brief insight into its significance:

Muscle protein synthesis (MPS) activation: L-Leucine is renowned for its ability to activate the mTOR pathway, a central regulator of cell growth and muscle protein synthesis. This makes it especially vital for muscle recovery and growth post-exertion.
Energy production: During periods of physical stress or fasting, L-Leucine can be metabolized to produce energy, supporting endurance and stamina.
Support in muscle preservation: L-Leucine plays a role in preventing muscle protein breakdown, making it essential for maintaining muscle mass, especially in periods of caloric restriction or inactivity.
Neurotransmitter regulation: Beyond its muscular roles, L-Leucine aids in the production of neurotransmitters, ensuring optimal brain function and communication.

Understanding the multifaceted role of L-Leucine in human physiology is crucial. Our product is formulated to deliver this amino acid in a concentration that supports both muscular and overall health.

Sodium (Sodium Chloride) 70 mg

Sodium is the main electrolyte lost in sweat and the only electrolyte to enhance performance during exercise. Other electrolytes (potassium, calcium, magnesium) are also lost in sweat, but in minimal quantities. A healthy diet is needed to keep these electrolyte concentrations at desired levels in the body.
The recommendation is to consume a sports drink with 0.5 – 0.7 g/L 59 sodium for shorter than three hours and 0.7 – 1 g/L sodium for exercise sessions lasting longer than three hours. In 02 During, we suggest adding a sodium concentration of 0.7 g/L. To one serving of 49 g, 620 mL of water should be added, so one serving should contain 0.35 g of sodium. It is strongly suggested to add sodium in the form of NaCl. One serving, therefore, contains 870 mg of NaCl salt.

Total EAA 13.9 g

03 After delivers a substantial 13.9 g of EAAs, ensuring a comprehensive amino acid profile. Here's a brief overview of the significance of this composition:

Complete protein source: Providing all nine EAAs ensures a complete protein profile, vital for muscle repair, growth, and various bodily functions.

Muscle protein synthesis (MPS): EAAs, particularly leucine, play a crucial role in initiating the process of muscle protein synthesis. This process is fundamental for muscle tissue repair and growth, especially post-physical activity.

Physiological role: Beyond their role in muscle repair, EAAs are intricately involved in numerous physiological processes. This includes, but is not limited to, enzyme function, hormone production, and neurotransmitter regulation.

Optimal recovery: A comprehensive EAA profile can potentially expedite post-activity recovery by directly contributing to muscle tissue repair and other essential bodily functions.

It's imperative to understand the role of EAAs in human physiology, and our product aims to deliver these vital amino acids in an optimal quantity, supporting overall health and muscular function.

26 vitamins and minerals

"Vitamins are micronutrients that cannot be produced by your body but are essential to support your health. Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B12 are not a direct source of energy but are crucial for energy metabolism. The metabolic processes in your body increase during physical exertion, hence the importance. Minerals cannot be produced by the body itself and do not provide energy by themselves, but support your natural energy levels. The minerals your body needs include calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and chlorine.

1. Vitamin A 106,7 mcg (13%*),
2. Vitamin D3 0,7 mcg (13%*),
3. Vitamin E 1,6 mg (13%*),
4. Vitamin K 10,0 mcg (13%*),
5. Vitamin C 75 mg (94%*) ,
6. Thiamin (B1) 0,1 mg (13%*),
7. Riboflavin (B2) 0,2 mg (13%*),
8. Niacin (B3) 2,12 mg (13%*),
9. Vitamin B6 0,2 mg (13%*),
10. Folic acid (B11) 26,7 mcg (13%*),
11. Vitamin B12 0,32 mcg (33%*),
12. Biotin 6,7 mcg (13%*),
13. Pantothenic acid (B5) 0,8 mg (13%*),
14. Kalium 267 mg (13%*),
15. Chloride 106,7 mg (13%*),
16. Calcium 112,7 mg (14%*),
17. Phosphorus 92,9 mg (13%*),
18. Magnesium 50,0 mg (13%*)
19. Iron 1,3 mg (13%*),
20. Zinc 1,3 mg (13%*),
21. Copper 0,1 mg (13%*),
22. Manganese 0,3 mg (13%*),
23. Selenium 7,3 mcg (13%*),
24. Chronium 5,3 mcg (13%*)
25. Iodine 20,0 mcg (13%*),
26. Molybdeen 6,7 mcg (13%*)"
How to use
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Add one sachet of 03 After to 620 mL of water.
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Mix with a shaker or water bottle.
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Use within 30 minutes after your training, workout or race.