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Endurance water
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Prevent dehydration and energy loss during your training or game with Endurance Water, using a carefully balanced mix of mono-, di- and polysaccharides carbohydrates and salts. 

Endurance Water is an easy-to-drink and to-digest, water-based intra-activity supplement

Each box contains 20 sachets/servings of Endurance Water.
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Why Victus ?

All-inclusive, complementary & water-based

Backed by Modern Science; 24 scientists. 6 months. 4000+ hours of research.

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Endurance Water

  • Helps you prevent dehydration & combats energy-loss during your training, workout or game.
  • Perfectly balanced set ingredients that improve your performance intra-activity.
  • An easily absorbed and digested, complementary water-based formula.

Carbohydrates (2:1:1.5) 45 gr.

Since carbohydrates are the main energy source during exercise, the main ingredient of our during sports supplement should be carbohydrates. Endurance Water® should contain a mixture of carbohydrate sources as this enables athletes to absorb and burn more fuel during exercise. Under normal circumstances glucose uptake is limited to approximately 60 g per hour. The intake of multiple carbohydrate sources, like fructose, elevate carbohydrate absorption in the intestine. Furthermore, the use of multiple carbohydrate sources are less likely to cause GI issues.
The ratio glucose/maltodextrin:fructose of 2:1 has been shown to elevate the rate of appearance of systemic glucose/lactate compared to isocaloric amount of glucose only.

Electrolyte: Sodium (NaCI) 0.87 gr.

Sodium is the main electrolyte lost in sweat and the only electrolyte to enhance performance during exercise. Other electrolytes (potassium, calcium, magnesium) are also lost in sweat, but in minimal quantities. A healthy diet is needed to keep these electrolytes concentrations at desired levels in the body. Nutrition Water® already contains these electrolytes, so there is no additional benefit to add them in the Endurance Water®.
The recommendation is to consume a sports drink with 0.5 – 0.7 g/L 59 sodium for shorter than three hours and 0.7 – 1 g/L sodium for exercise sessions lasting longer than three hours. In Enduracnce Water®, we suggest adding a sodium concentration of 0.7 g/L. To one serving of 49 g, 500 - 600 mL water should be added, so one serving should contain 0.35 g of sodium. We suggest adding the sodium in the form of NaCl. One serving should therefore contain 0.87 g of NaCl salt.


During a shorter workout/training (<2 hours), mix one sachet Endurance Water with 600 ml. of water (isotonic).
During a longer workout/training (>2 hours), mix two sachets Endurance Water with 1.2 L. of water (isotonic).
How to use
Short workout (<2 hours): add one sachet to 600ml of water
Long workout (>2 hours): add 2 sachets to 1.2 L of water
Mix with a shaker of water bottle.
Use halfway during your training or workout.