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Movement & mobility: hang

Icon of calendar16/06/2022

Then lastly, the heaviest of all.. The last tip on how mobility and movement will improve your overall fitness and performance. 

One of full release.
Hanging (by your arms or up side down).

Due to the static (ergonomically) positioning of our everyday work and study, our joints are prone to experience a very one dimensional pressure in bones, ligaments and cartilage.

This also does not have to be a bad thing by itself.

But by giving your body more room to relax and extend the space between joints, your body is able to exchange fluids more , and circulate unhindered wherever it goes, try hanging after your training for 2-5 minutes as a start.

You choose the lengths of the hang. And allow yourself to start easy, enter by play. 

10 seconds will become 30, and 1 minutes will become two.

Easing the connective tissue between the shoulders and neck in the process.

Easing any discomfort in your (upper) back you may have.

So, let's sum up the tips one more time.

I.         Breathe; 5-10 minutes | eyes closed | feet/legs elevated (90degrees) | back flat on the floor and allowing yourself to feel into your body before starting any training.

II.       Play; approaching the training practise by teaming up with a good friend, changing locations, changing the order of your session, and (at times) dropping the need to reach better results every time you train. Allow minimal progress to keep progressing and compounding over a longer window of time.

III.     Hang; 10-30-60 hangs after training for 2-5 minutes Total

Go try it all out and report back to us with your experiences!

We can’t wait to hear how you are doing with this all, and if there are more of these snippets that you may find useful.

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