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Energy Water - Why caffeine in Energy Water?

Icon of calendar06/01/2022

In this article we will explain why we use caffeine in Energy Water.

The information described in this article comes from research carried out by the (MSc) Master's students of the University of Wageningen on behalf of and in collaboration with Victus.

Caffeine acts on the central nervous system by blocking adenosine receptors. In addition, it promotes the release of calcium to stimulate motor unit contraction and caffeine may act directly on the muscle. Caffeine was shown to be an ergogenic aid in many sports and different disciplines. Effectivity differs among individuals, due to genetics, habituation and some individuals are more susceptible to side effects. Although caffeine’s ergogenic effects is best studied in male athletes, thus far results appear to be similar for women. A dose in the range from 2 to 9 mg/kg BW seems to be required to achieve an ergogenic effect, higher doses seems to have no additional effect and increases the risk of side effects, a lower doses still has the potential to enhance performance. Several supplement interactions are known, as for taurine and a high CHO availability the ergogenic effect of caffeine appears to be attenuated. As for supplement interactions, the effect of habituation, genetics and lower doses of caffeine, research is still in an early phase and no clear conclusions can be drawn. However, taking individual variation into consideration seems highly relevant when supplementing caffeine as ergogenic aid. According to the AIS, caffeine is classified as category A in the supplement framework, to be supported as evident ergogenic aid if used according to evidence based protocols. All together, the current dose of 200mg (3 mg/kg BW at 67 kg BW) caffeine in Energy Water is evident to aid in sport performance. However, genetic response, habitual consumption, body weight, timing and type of exercise can alter the ergogenic effect. To meet the needs of all recreational athletes, the advice is to propose several serving sizes to meet individual caffeine supplementation recommendations. 

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