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Endurance Water - Is a during sports supplement for every athlete?

Icon of calendar06/01/2022

In this article we will discuss the effects of a during supplement for three different athletes.

The information described in this article comes from research carried out by the (MSc) Master's students of the University of Wageningen on behalf of and in collaboration with Victus.

Starting this project, three different types of athletes were described: 1) the strength athlete, who aims to increase muscle strength and size. 2) The team athlete, who is distinguished by the high-intensity intermittent exercise bouts. 3) The (ultra-)endurance athlete who aims to perform for a long duration. Touching upon the physiological needs of the different types of athletes, it is concluded that strength athletes will not benefit from Endurance Water. Considering that strength athletes do not require replenishment of nutrients during exercise. The short duration of the exercise will, most likely, not result in the depletion of any vital nutrients needed to perform. If pre- and post-exercise nutrition is adequate, during-exercise replenishment is not needed for this athlete type. Energy Water and Nutrition Water serve this purpose well. Therefore, it is recommended that Endurance Water focusses on team athletes and (ultra-)endurance athletes who require replenishment of nutrients during exercise. 

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